Bed Bug Removal

Heat Remediation Treatment for Bed Bug Removal

Miller Pest Control has used the heat remediation method to properly remove bed bugs from homes and cottages for over 10 years. With proper preparation, it is possible to eliminate bedbugs with just this one-time heat treatment. This bed bug removal service requires minimal pesticides and the ones used are primarily injected into wall voids and other areas heat will not penetrate.

How Bed Bug Removal Heat Treatment Works

The internal temperature of the dwelling is raised to approximately 125° Fahrenheit (52° Celsius) and allowed to “soak” for two to four hours, all depending on the content of the rooms. A temperature reading is taken every 30 minutes in each room to ensure a complete soak of all areas. You, the customer, will be provided with a temperature chart for your records. The entire bed bug removal heat treatment process takes a complete day.

Advantages of Heat Treatment Bed Bug Removal

  • No toxic fumes, and no residue
  • Kills every life stage of bed bugs from egg to adult
  • Bed bugs are attracted to heat, and they won’t simply move to re-infest another day
  • Infested items in the home or cottage do not need to be thrown away
  • Heat treatment is a proven non-chemical method of killing bed bugs
  • Bed bugs, adult, larva, and eggs, die within minutes

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