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Year-Round Pest Protection for Your Property

Our professional technicians use preventative techniques to prevent pests by inspecting and servicing your property four times per year during the most at-risk times for pest infestations. Through our years of experience serving your area, we know what to expect year to year.

We offer four-season protection from pests that can infest and damage your home or cottage when you aren’t there.

Our approach is based on three main pest control fundamentals:

Seasonal Inspections

Where we look at your property for areas of entry and harborage and breeding.

Taking Proactive Control

Years of experience which allows us to “forecast” possible issues before they arise. We take action against pests that may threaten your property.

Keeping you informed.

All service reports and any important information will be emailed directly to you with pictures to support inspection/recommendation evidence.

Our Packages

Our professional pest control technicians will protect your cottage. A proactive not reactive system to ensure your peace of mind whether you are there or away. Our Cottage Guard packages can be customized to your home or cottage based on its location and the environment around it. 

Last Updated 04/2020




A visit to your property from a pest control technician:
Completing pest management control prescribed for each season
Setting up exterior bait stations around the perimeter of your home or cottage.
Setting up tamper-resistant bait stations on the inside your home or cottage.
At service time, these stations will be cleaned and fresh bait inserted. Only mice can fit into them – no need to worry about dogs, cats, squirrels or children, the stations are double locked and only a technician can open them
Visual inspections of pest hot spots and all monitoring devices
Detailed check of the structure and environmental conditions
Full exclusion/proofing to minimize wildlife entry and minor landscape changes around the property
Emergency service for all pests covered in the program.
Integrated Tick Control Plan
A follow-up report emailed to you after your check-up.
Pests Covered:
Noxious Plants
Send in pictures for pest ID or general info.
Winter report on the condition of the cottage (i.e. snow/ice buildup, door/window integrity, water system, heating system etc.).
Discounted costs for anything not covered. 25% Off 50% Off 75% Off

We’ll customize an effective program for your peace of mind based on your property, area, and cottage.

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Do You Need an Integrated Tick Control Plan?

As the weather warms, many of our customers are concerned about ticks and the serious health concerns that they bring with them. Ticks are more than just a nuisance to your pets they can also potentially carry and transmit Lyme disease. Our integrated tick control plan can help protect you and your family.

Do You Need an Integrated Ant Control Plan?

Don’t let ants ruin your summer. No matter what species of ants are invading your home or cottage our pest control experts can handle it. From carpenter ants, which can cause damage to homes to pavement ants, which make pavements and concrete foundations their homes, to hard to spot tiny thief ants, Miller Pest Control has the experience and knowledge to take care of them.

Ants are more than a nuisance, protect your home and family with a long term control plan specifically designed to keep them at bay.

Enjoy Year Round Peace of Mind

With our year-round pest control program, you’ll not only be covered from a wide range of insects and rodents during the warmer months but you will have peace of mind over the winter months. Our technicians will make regular visits to your home or cottage to ensure continued protection.

If your cottage goes unused for several months of the year you can benefit from knowing someone is checking in on your property and will be able to spot excess snow buildup in vulnerable areas, broken tree limbs, or other potential hazards to your cottage. Your insurance company will thank you too.

We will help you choose the right Cottage Guard program for your property for peace of mind, even when you aren’t there.

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