Pest Control Services

Pest Control for Mice, Ants, Ticks and More

Miller Pest Control offers a wide range of pest control services for home, cottage, and business owners in Peterborough, the Kawarthas, Haliburton, Bancroft and surrounding areas. Our fully licensed, professional pest control technicians use the best possible pest control techniques based on your unique situation.

Whether you have a carpenter ant infestation, signs of mice, ticks, or even noxious weeds like poison ivy all over your property, Miller Pest Control will help you reclaim your space from unwanted visitors.

We provide our clients with the exact details of their infestation and make sure they are comfortable with our pest control techniques every step of the way. After our initial pest inspection, our technicians devise a pest control plan of action, and present our solution with all the facts and desired outcomes.

With over 30 years of experience, Miller Pest Control is a leader in the Ontario pest control industry. Our clients can attest, we have the pest control expertise and knowledge to get rid of your unwanted pests efficiently and within budget. Contact us today!

Mouse & Rat Control

An interior mice extermination treatment consists of placing anywhere from 4-12 tamper-resistant bait stations on the inside of the structure in common travel areas for mice. These areas include attics, under stoves, under kitchen and bathroom sinks, near furnaces and hot water tanks, close to electrical panels and under stairs, always away from where pets and children may find them. We use single-feeding, rodenticide bait and it is placed in lockable bait stations. The treatment is guaranteed for 90 days and can take 3-7 days to be effective.

At Miller Pest Control, we prefer a proactive approach. Our preventive maintenance program consists of setting up extermination stations around the perimeter of your structure and servicing them at least twice per year. At the same time, we will bait the interior to take care of the problem on the inside of the structure. The purpose of these extermination stations is to prevent mice from entering your home or cottage. At service time, these stations will be cleaned and fresh bait inserted. Generally, 4-8 stations are installed, depending on the size and shape of the structure. There are two types of stations available.

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Ant Extermination

A full interior and exterior ant extermination treatment consists of a visual inspection of “hot spot” areas, treatment of cracks and crevices, wall voids, attics, crawl spaces, window and door frames, baseboards, electrical outlets, pipe chases, decking, tree bases and stumps, and perimeter of the structure.

Suggestions will also be made for control measures such as removing overhanging tree limbs, dead tree stumps, sealing gaps and cracks, etc. Ant extermination can either be a combination of chemical/residual/ULV or bait and dust. Both are equally effective, but bait and dust generally are a little slower to take effect. If the colony has not been eradicated at the time of treatment, generally within 2 weeks they should be dead.

The extermination is fully warrantied for the season, therefore, if after 2 weeks following treatment there are still signs of ant activity, we will return to repeat the procedure to specific areas or all areas, if necessary. We recommend all occupants, including pets, vacate the premises for a minimum of 4 hours. Children under 1 year and pregnant women, we recommend 24 hours.

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Insect Control

Miller Pest Control offers insect control for ticks, spiders, bees, wasps, cockroaches, fleas, termites, and cluster flies. Stop and control the infestation of common insects found in Cottages. We will develop a proactive plan customized to your property design to eliminate pests in your home and protect it against future infestations.

Noxious Weed Removal

Certain weeds that may grow on your cottage property can be harmful to your family and the surroundings. Our pest control technicians are properly trained to deal with harmful weeds such as poison ivy, dog-strangling vine, and giant hogweed. Safely removing them from your property to protect you and your family and ensure they don’t continue to spread. Some noxious weeds pose a risk to humans and local flora so big you are required by law to remove them.

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