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Tick Control Service

Tick Control Programs

Protect Your Family & Pets From Ticks

Ticks can flourish in numerous outdoor settings and are not selective about their hosts – nearly any warm-blooded mammal will suffice. To ensure the safety of you and your family, Miller Pest Control provides a tick control service aimed at eradicating these pests from your property and preventing future infestations.

Seasonal tick control service

Option 1: Seasonal Tick Treatment Plans

Seasonal tick control services designed for your property and outdoors spaces.

What to expect

  • Treatment of the perimeter of property and/or desired areas of control, under decks and around structures, trees, gardens and areas of long grass/other harbourages.
  • Placement of Thermal Cell tick tubes during both visits. Thermal Cell tick tubes eliminate hundreds of ticks in your outdoor space. They are biodegradable, containing treated cotton and do not require removal. Mice gather the treated cotton for use as nesting material and through their nesting process coat themselves with the product. When ticks feed on these mice, they ingest the product and perish.

One-time tick control service

Option 2: One-Time Tick Treatments

One time tick control service customized for your specific needs. If tick control is required for a wedding, outdoor party or event or just to target the initial hatching season – we can advise optimal timing for best results.

Additional services can be booked after program ends as needed based on extended insect seasons or extended periods of property use. Certain service areas/environmental conditions may necessitate additional services i.e. standing water nearby, heavy rainfall seasons, thick brush lowlands where water may pool etc.

Mosquito and tick control service

Option 3: Tick & Mosquito Treatment Solutions

Looking for treatment to control both ticks and mosquitos in your outdoor space? We offer an affordable all-in-one treatment solution that will target and cover both pests. Request a quote today to help keep your family safe from ticks this season.

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