7 Tips to Keep Mice Out of Your Home or Cottage

Nobody wants to open a kitchen drawer or cabinet and find small black droppings, one of the most common signs of a mice infestation. From Peterborough to Toronto, the mouse population is booming. What can you do to keep them out?

Use these 7 practical DIY tips to help keep mice out of your home or cottage:

Easy access point for mice

1) Do an exterior inspection

Identify possible penetration points around your home’s foundation, utility conduits, AC units, attic exhaust vents, screens, windows, and doors. Make a list of any gaps or crack and where you found them.

2) Seal easy access points

Seal access points with permanent products such as cement. Mice can find their way into your home through dryer vents, wiring pipes, drainage pipes, gaps in foundations, cracks in walls, gaps in windows, and ceilings. They’re capable of fitting through holes as small as a dime!

3) Get rid of old bird seed and clear branches

Remove old bird seed from your yard and keep bird feeders a good distance away from your home. Clear any branches that are close to the house as a mouse could easily climb up to get onto your roof or through a window.

4) Landscape around your home or cottage

Landscape the perimeter by cutting the grass and keeping it clear of unwanted vegetation. Installing crushed rock a few feet from the exterior of the building will help discourage pest entry, too.
man using a caulking gun

5) Weatherproof windows and doors

All doors and windows must close tight and properly. Install door sweeps on your garage door as mice will chew away weather stripping around the bottom of doors that face outside. Weatherproofing will also help lower your utility bills.

6) Store food in tightly shut containers

Use glass or metal containers with a tight lid to store food in your home or cottage. Once a mouse finds a food source it’s less likely to venture back outside.

7) Get rid of food waste

Don’t wait to bring the trash outside. Dispose of any leftover food as soon as a member of your household is finished eating. The less food waste kept inside your home or cottage, the better.

If you’ve noticed mice droppings or damage to food packaging and boxes, contact Miller Pest Control to effectively get rid of your mouse problem. Our licensed technicians serve Peterborough & Kawartha’s including cottage country!