10 Easy Tips For a Mouse Free Home

As the weather gets colder in Peterborough, mice are looking for a nice, cozy place to call home. The mouse population continues to rise in the Kawarthas, and all it takes is an opening the size of a penny for mice to get into your house. But if you set aside some time to “mouse-proof”… Read More

Top 5 Pest Control Tips for the Fall Season

Colder weather brings everyone indoors including unwanted pests. Pests such as mice, rats, spiders, cockroaches, and more will be looking for shelter during the winter to survive. If you don’t feel like sharing the warmth of your home with unwanted pests, this article is for you! The pest prevention experts at Miller Pest Control have… Read More

7 Tips to Keep Mice Out of Your Home or Cottage

Nobody wants to open a kitchen drawer or cabinet and find small black droppings, one of the most common signs of a mice infestation. From Peterborough to Toronto, the mouse population is booming. What can you do to keep them out? Use these 7 practical DIY tips to help keep mice out of your home or… Read More

Year-Round Pest Control Programs for Your Property

Four season all year protection from invaders that can infest and potentially damage your investment when you aren’t there. Achieve safe, year-round pest control at your home or cottage through preventative techniques, rather than reacting to pests when it’s already too late. Our professional technicians will inspect and service your cottage four times per year… Read More

How to Get Rid of Pests on Commercial & Industrial Properties

Controlling and eliminating pests on commercial properties demands routine prevention techniques and care. Due to the larger size of commercial properties and factors such as daily shipping & receiving, excess food waste, and more, the potential for a pest infestation is often much greater than at a residential property. To limit pest problems, it’s important to implement… Read More

How to Prevent Mice From Entering Your Home

With a short, easy winter on animals, the mouse population is sure to explode this year around Peterborough and the Kawarthas. Before it’s too late and a family of mice find their new home in your kitchen, use the following preventative measures to help prevent their entry into your house or cottage: 1) Seal Easy Access Points…. Read More