How to Get Rid of Pests on Commercial & Industrial Properties

Controlling and eliminating pests on commercial properties demands routine prevention techniques and care. Due to the larger size of commercial properties and factors such as daily shipping & receiving, excess food waste, and more, the potential for a pest infestation is often much greater than at a residential property. To limit pest problems, it’s important to implement pest prevention techniques throughout the facility in the areas that are most susceptible and attractive to pests.

Pest prevention tips that can help limit the number of insects, rodents, and wildlife entering your commercial property:

1) Take Care of the Dumpsters

Dumpsters should never be located right next to the facility and it’s entry points. Make sure they’re always covered tightly when not in use, and emptied at least once a week. To minimize attracting pests during the hot summer months, try to have dumpsters emptied at least twice per week.

2) Landscaping for Pest Prevention

Keep the exterior of the building clear of storage containers and unwanted vegetation. Installing a perimeter of crushed rock a few feet from the exterior of the building will help discourage pest entry. Ensure there is good water drainage around the building, too. Many insects tend to nestle around water resources. Rainwater should be directed at least 6 feet away from the sides of the building.

3) Double Check Food Storage

All food should be stored away in tightly sealed containers made of glass or thick materials. This applies especially to restaurants as one mouse or rat can potentially shut down the business for days, weeks, or even permanently. But any commercial facility that has a break room should also make sure food is stored properly and the area is cleaned on a daily basis. Accumulated food and debris in drains can provide an ideal breeding environment for insects, too. A neglected break room can lead to a much larger problem if a pest finds its way into the rest of the facility, which it will.

Your pest management efforts shouldn’t end here.

Facilities such as restaurants, office buildings, warehouses, manufacturing plants, and grocery stores need ongoing professional pest management services to ensure business isn’t interrupted by any unwanted guests.

Miller Pest Control offers Integrated Pest Management services for a wide range of businesses in Central to Eastern Ontario.

Our licensed technicians create custom pest management programs that solve a facilities unique pest problems. Miller Pest Control’s integrated pest management techniques include ongoing pest inspections, traps, exclusion methods, baiting systems, and more to ensure your pest problems are taken car of.

If you notice any signs of a pest infestation, contact Miller Pest Control.