Mosquito & Fly Control For Weddings & Outdoor Events

Having an outdoor wedding, family reunion, or event this summer? We’re expecting a higher than average mosquito population in the Peterborough & Kawartha area due to an extremely damp spring season. Higher levels of standing water will cause mosquitoes to flourish in our area. A swarm of these hungry pests has the potential to turn… Read More

Year-Round Pest Control Programs for Your Property

Four season all year protection from invaders that can infest and potentially damage your investment when you aren’t there. Achieve safe, year-round pest control at your home or cottage through preventative techniques, rather than reacting to pests when it’s already too late. Our professional technicians will inspect and service your cottage four times per year… Read More

How to Keep Mosquitos Away From Your Home or Cottage

It’s inevitable – if you work, live, and play in the Peterborough and Kawartha area, you’re bound to be annoyed by mosquitoes and other flies during the summer months. Don’t let these insects ruin your time outdoors! How to Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Home or Cottage 1) Put away anything that can hold water after a rain… Read More