Get Rid of Spring Cluster Flies

As you may have noticed, spring Cluster Flies are out in high numbers this year. This is due to the increase in overall breeding the last couple of years.

Cluster Fly Our spring Cluster Fly removal service is available for full prevention service. Our Cluster Fly treatment includes a residual insecticide to window frames, door frames, cracks, crevices, soffit and fascia on the exterior, window frames, door frames, cracks, crevices, baseboards and attics on the interior. Some overspray may occur on windows, so it is recommended that window cleaning be done after treatment to only the window, not the frame.

How to Identify Cluster Flies

Adult Cluster Flies measure 8 to 10 mm in length and have light and dark grey-checkered abdomens. Their thorax is covered in short hairs that look golden and their wings overlap when resting. The difference between Cluster Flies and the common Housefly is that Cluster flies are slightly larger and darker and move more sluggishly.We find that Cluster Flies often appear on the sunny side of the structure, as they seek warm locations to live during cold months in the spring and fall. Even though cluster flies are seen buzzing at windows, screens can be ineffective in preventing their entrance into your home or cottage. We have even witnessed them crawling through small openings in the walls of a home. They hibernate in secluded areas of the home or cottage such as attics and wall voids. Cluster Flies will often also find themselves in the inhabited parts of the house and will move towards the windows. They cluster around the windows and will leave stains on walls and curtains if crushed.

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