What’s With Those Annoying Cluster Flies?

We have a bunch of flies at our window every time the sun’s out. They just won’t go away! What can we do?? Cluster flies look a lot like a house flies, but they’re far more annoying, sluggish, and larger. If you notice flies at your home or cottage on days when the temperature is rising… Read More

How to Get Rid of Pests on Commercial & Industrial Properties

Controlling and eliminating pests on commercial properties demands routine prevention techniques and care. Due to the larger size of commercial properties and factors such as daily shipping & receiving, excess food waste, and more, the potential for a pest infestation is often much greater than at a residential property. To limit pest problems, it’s important to implement… Read More

How to Keep Mosquitos Away From Your Home or Cottage

It’s inevitable – if you work, live, and play in the Peterborough and Kawartha area, you’re bound to be annoyed by mosquitoes and other flies during the summer months. Don’t let these insects ruin your time outdoors! How to Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Home or Cottage 1) Put away anything that can hold water after a rain… Read More

How to Prevent & Get Rid of Carpenter Ants

Have you spotted larger than usual ants inside your home or cottage? Is sawdust recurring in the same area? Before you begin to panic, ants have colonized almost every landmass on Earth, so your situation is not unique. There are a number of steps you can take to help you determine whether you have a serious carpenter… Read More

Poison Ivy: Here’s What You Need to Know

Own A Home or Cottage in The Kawarthas, Peterborough, or Buckhorn Area? Use the following tips to identify if you have Poison Ivy on your property, and learn what to do if it gets on you, a family member, or friend. How Do I Know It’s Poison Ivy? If the plant in question has the following… Read More

Cottage Opening Checklist

If you’re planning on opening the cottage during the May long weekend, chances are it’s the first time you and your family/friends have seen it in months. You know as well as we do – there will probably be a few surprises waiting to greet you. Use the following checklist to properly open your cottage and… Read More

How to Prevent Mice From Entering Your Home

With a short, easy winter on animals, the mouse population is sure to explode this year around Peterborough and the Kawarthas. Before it’s too late and a family of mice find their new home in your kitchen, use the following preventative measures to help prevent their entry into your house or cottage: 1) Seal Easy Access Points…. Read More

Get Rid of Spring Cluster Flies

As you may have noticed, spring Cluster Flies are out in high numbers this year. This is due to the increase in overall breeding the last couple of years. Our spring Cluster Fly removal service is available for full prevention service. Our Cluster Fly treatment includes a residual insecticide to window frames, door frames, cracks,… Read More

2016 Peterborough Home Outdoor & Design Show

Now that the weather is getting warmer and the snow is melting, it’s time to start breaking out the lawnmower and shovel. We know just as well as you, there’s never a shortage of things to do around the house during the warmer months. But did you know the warm summer months also bring an increase in pest infestations?… Read More

Helping Home & Cottage Owners Get Rid of Unwanted Pests

Serving the residential, commercial and industrial needs of clients throughout Peterborough, the Kawarthas and surrounding areas, Miller Pest Control is your trusted exterminator. From ant control, bat removal, and chemical-free bed bug heat treatments to poison ivy removal, we can take care of your pest or animal problem fast & efficiently. Our pest control, weed… Read More